Dry Maeloc

Our ciders are made from 100% Galician apples from more than 1.000 local farmers

· Organoleptic characteristics

- Appearance: Bright ochre orange.

- Aroma: Balanced, with tannic notes of this specific variety.

- Flavour: Dry, crisp, medium bodied, slight bitterness with a clean finish thanks to a refreshing acidity.

· 4,5% vol. Alcohol content.

· Wild yeast fermentation

· Allergen information

Gluten free, suitable for celiacs. Contains sulphites.

With an annual production of around 2 million litres, Custom Drinks produce cider. The company, which has belonged to the Corporacion Hijos de Rivera since 2001, is also present in the market with its summer red wine, sangria and liqueurs through its brands Maeloc, La Tita Rivera and Hijos de Rivera Liqueurs.Custom Drinks reaches all of Spain as well as 11 countries around the world such as China, Argentina, Japan, the Philippines or Russia. Hijos de Rivera began its interest and support of cider in 2001 by acquiring a part of the old Sidreria Gallega, nowadays called Custom Drinks, and slowly increasing its share, reaching full ownership in 2004.The company bases its support for cider on some basic principles. Mainly to maintain a close link with the land of its origin, boosting the importance of the Chantada area as a traditional top quality cider-apple producing area. Custom Drinks firmly supports ecological agriculture, which guarantees the use of techniques that don’t use chemical products.

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