Hearts AND Gizzards from duck fresh or frozen.

Ingredients:    Duck gizzards/ hearts.

Presentation:   Vacuum packed 1 Kg.

Conservation:  Between 1º - 4ºC./-18ºC

Shelf life:        14 days./ 6 months.


Selectos de Castilla SA created in 1989. The company starts its innovative activity in Villamartin de campos with 3 brothers and a staff of 2 employees and a production capacity of 3.000 ducks year. Today's workforce is 25 direct employees with a production capacity of 75.000 ducks year.    

1 - History of the Breed     The installation in the Tierra de Campos and around the Laguna de la Nava reflects the fact that the anatides have chosen from thousands of years ago this place to long winter making it clear that the environment is climatically suitable for extensive farming of these animals .   In contrast to other ducks reared in europe, they are feed with cereals, we are in Castilla y leon barn of spain- - rather than grass and flour. What compels a long 84-day breeding breeding "farm outdoors"   The crop filling, is the traditional way ie with grain corn is not genetically modified in collective cages allowing thus control the metabolism Duck digestion own optimum welfare of ducks in phase boot stage, in contrast to what happens in industrial embuches called individual cages (banned in 2010 but still in use) and air pressure administration maize porridge used by 90% of Spanish and Foreign including farms in France .    

 2. Artisan Processing and commitment to quality.   The processing facility in Villamartin de Campos is located three kilometers from the breeding farms and facilities boot stage.   Although the qualification criteria Craftsman by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Government of Castile and Leon do not apply in our case, our processes require very many labor and a degree of product knowledge with significant expertise that we integrated into a craftswoman appeal in the etymological sense of the term.   This allows developing each and every one of our products so 100 100 naturally without any synthetic additives or chemical processes. Used only perfectly cleaned raw material impurities, our slaughterhouse or purchased from suppliers known quality as in the case of lamb livers we use to prepare the pate we bring Lechazo Churro Churro company, the commercial national Association of Churra sheep in Spain.   For this, the staff training is continuous and use tools that allow us to monitor and improve the health and taste quality is implemented from the beginning of the company. HPCC 1994, QFD and ISO 1996 9001 UNE in 2000 , ...   Iso UNR 22000. 2005 in 2018 etc...

3 - Clients and Exhibitions.   The clientele of our company is basically catering and catering 60%, followed by fine shops or delicatessens and private clients.   Beginning in Castilla y León, the market has become national, European - Sweden Netherlands, France, Belgium, Portugal ... and International with exports to Japan, Mexico, the Caribbean and Asia ... and Arab countries to get the stamp Hallal ..... Serve in 2010 Gala Dinner delivery Nobel Prizes 1500 couple people in Stockholm, which gave us more international fame at having ousted the French companies in Quality and Service. Serve airlines (SAS, Singapore airlines) or Cruise on Baltic Sea (Viking Lines)   The food halls are where we go to Alimentaria Barcelona, Lisbon and Valladolid, El Salon Gourmet Madrid, Paris SIAL, Foodex Japan, Hoofex Honkhong and Anuga in Cologne... We participate in local tastings to publicize the product.

The controlled production allows slow growth and a secure seating of the quality of products, that despite the ups and downs of the market remain constant sales through customer loyalty.   Extensive breeding ducks, traditional boot stage and the favorable environment of the Tierra de Campos make the quality of our meat and livers that despite being Spaniards compete with the best of the classic French cuisine of Foie Gras in his role label Rouge, the highest quality line of French Country.   The artisan development without additives can offer great tasting products of unquestionable quality and taste really healthy in a market where the natural and ecological changes from being a luxury to be essential.

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