Tasting of Stewed Pig's Ear

Tasting of Stewed Pig's Ear

Segundo Sanz is a family company that is a reference in the manufacture of Meat Products, with more than 40 years of market presence, which combines Traditional Spanish Production with the Quality and Hygiene controls of a Current and Innovative industry.

In August 2018 we moved to a newly built Modern Plant in Leganés, with which we have implemented the IFS FOOD Quality system.

Our products range from Meat Preparations (brine knuckle, frying lamb, brine snout, pig's tail, ... ), to Cooked Products and Prepared Dishes (cooked ear, stewed veal tripe, cooked snout, stewed ear, stewed snout with mushrooms, ... ) and always using First Quality Raw Materials and Natural Ingredients.

The formats range from 400g to 5kg, oriented to the Great Food Distribution and the Horeca Channel.

All our products are LACTOSE FREE and most of them GLUTEN FREE

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