San Isidro El Santo Sociedad Cooperativa de Castilla La Mancha born in 1963 from the union of a small group of farmers from Las Pedroñeras, aimed at channeling production and marketing of high quality product: the purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras .Over time this cooperative was growing and surpassing targets year after year. Thus, in 2004 we became the largest cooperative of garlic in the world, with facilities and most current market technologies. After nearly 50 years of activity we can guarantee our customers the highest quality product, since in it we put all our effort.San Isidro Cooperative with the Holy exports worldwide is the economic engine of Las Pedroñeras and its surrounding district. Currently present in the markets of Europe, America, Asia and Africa. In recent years it has had a significant presence in the most important fairs of the world supply coming to them as one of the most important exporters of Castilla la Mancha.
AJOSANTO, the best purple garlic in the world.
  • Brand name: AJOSANTO
  • Sector: VEGETABLES
  • New

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