Tail stewed lasagne with truffle aroma

  • Exhibitor: SALYCOP
  • Brand name: Salycop

An essential food in any healthy diet. It seems easy to cook, but Salycop knows the keys that make it different: always “al dente” and with the greatest garnishes that you can not find in other places.


These are the different kind of pasta: spagheti with bolognese sauce, macaroni egg with spicy pork sausage, meat lasagne, vegetable cannelloni, tail stewed lasagne with truffe aroma and spinach fettuccine with mushrooms sauce.

They are available in 300 g. format.

We are Chefs.

In SALYCOP we cook for restaurants, supermarkets, small gourmet shops and the food industry. We have been learning from other professionals until we have managed our own experience.

The company was established in 2000. Our first purpose was to help chefs and restaurateurs providing them high-quality food that meet and exceed the needs of their customers. We work with some of the most important restaurants and supermarkets in Spain, giving them new ideas.

Although, SALYCOP is located in the south of Madrid, we market our products in every corner of Spain and some places abroad. We are dedicated to cook convenience meals, sauces, creams and a wide range of other delicious food. Gazpacho and Salmorejo Tomate & Tal are our key products.

Our main aim is to make eassier people´s life who do not enough time for cooking, but they want to eat healthy and quality meals cooked with love.

Our customers usually recommend us owing to our personalized, effective and fast treatment. We think like a large company, but we work like an artisan. 

The traditional manner of cooking and traditional taste, current technology and security combinated with the most qualified team, modern facilities and independent quality analysis.

Raw material is replenished and cooked everyday, in this way customers can enjoy fresh and seasonal products. These meals can be eaten at home, in the office or in a park.

Thank you for your interest in our products. If you would like more information, you are welcome to call us on 619 988 333 or through the following e-mail address comercial@salycop.com.



  • Address: C/ Clavel, 8. Pol. Ind. El Lomo
  • Town: Humanes de Madrid
  • Postcode: 28970
  • County: Madrid
  • Country: España
  • Phone number: +34 916 856 288
  • Fax: +34 916 902 882
  • E-mail address: info@salycop.com
  • Web: http://www.salycop.com
  • Pavilion: 4
  • Stand: 4D28-27
  • Sector: FOOD

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