Queso pecorino curado

  • Exhibitor: ROSSO CALABRIA
  • Brand name: Pecorino crotonese DOP Stagionato - APOCC
  • Sector: PASTA DURA
Queso pecorino curado

Calabria Region and the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Spain (CCIS) have started the project “La Calabria in Spagna”, aimed at Calabrian SMEs interested in joining and positioning themselves in a stable way on the Spanish market. This project, whose main goal is the opening of gourmet store dedicated to products of the enterprises that participated , in the Chamberí market (“Rosso Calabria”), contemplates the main products of the Calabrian gastronomic tradition and enterprises of reference from this South Italian region. Among the products stand out:  cold meat, cheese, tinned food, sauces, pastas, wines and drinks.

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