Gran Reserva


Its bark is oiled cylindrically.
Its bark is oiled cylindrically. It comes in whole pieces of approximately 3kg.
At the customer's request it can be sent in pieces with 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8 vacuum packed.

Maturation period | More than 12 months

Zamora and its province, as it is already known, is one of the main cheese producing areas, recognized for its excellence and quality. The quality of the raw material of the area and the cheese tradition are key in obtaining an exquisite cheese for the most demanding palates. Our facilities are located in the industrial area of ??Coreses, 7 km. from Zamora, in the middle of Tierra del Pan, with a great cheese tradition and with a huge livestock potential. Milk is collected daily at the farmer's premises and after a rigorous on-site examination, to check the disinfection and cleaning of the tanks and closed circuits, it is transferred to the collection tanks, in order to ensure the optimum quality of hygiene, organoleptic, bacteriological and the correct temperature.

We send the daily samples of all farmers to the Dairy Interprofessional Laboratory for analysis, thus maintaining maximum control to achieve the highest quality of milk. Using raw sheep milk to make most of our cheeses, VIRIATO, uses the most Modern manufacturing methods and our facilities (collection, processing room, brine, dryers and chambers to preserve and age the cheese) have the latest technological advances. The latest technology, coupled with a careful dedication in the processes of preparation and control , taking care of even the smallest detail, in order to achieve a correct evolution and maturation of cheese, allows us to offer a product with excellent taste and exquisite palate.

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