D.O.P Zamorano Cheese. Plateria brand

  • Exhibitor: QUESOS REVILLA
  • Brand name: D.O Zamorano queso Plateria.
  • Sector: PASTA DURA
 raw milk sheep´s Cheese. D.O.P Zamorano. Plateria Brand. 12 months of maduration.

Quesos Revilla is a cheese making company from Spain that has mastered the elaboration of cheese since 1929.

We offer the unmistakable flavor of the artisan cheeses due a legacy of 3 generations of cheese masters but with the technology, quality control of nowadays.

Quesos Revilla has adapted to the latest technology while keeping the traditional essence intact.

Over the years, our company has mastered the elaboration of a small selection of Spanish  cheeses. Specialized in raw milk cheeses but also in pasteurized milk cheeses. We apply different types of milk and stages of ripeness to achieve different and unique flavors, which satisfy the most demanding palates.

We carefully elaborate Spanish cheeses with the best quality, authenticity and unique flavor due to our heritage. Cheeses yearly recognized internationally during the World Cheese Awards with winning-prices.

Specialized in Sheep milk cheeses, (DOP Zamorano Cheese, Castellano cheese (PGI coming soon), blended cheese like the Special IBERICO and goat cheese. We offer different options of packaging to attend the different needs of our clients.  

We have focused in specializing in what we have been doing since 1929 to offer the best quality service and price possible. We are looking for steady partners to work long-term with. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

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