Sierra de Sevil. Goat cheese made with pasteurized goat's milk, of pressed paste

Goat cheese made with pasteurized goat's milk, of pressed paste, of a closed texture (without eyes on the paste), containing 36% fat. The elaboration It undergoes a process of medium maturation in cava between one and two months and its consumption is recommended before the year. Organoleptic description Its flavor is soft with a highly developed aroma on the palate, with a characteristic acidity point in goat cheeses, it lacks preservatives, making it a natural product.

Quesos de Radiquero began its journey at the end of the seventies, with Conchi Mata currently being its Quesera Artisan Teacher.
From its beginnings our philosophy is given by several principles: The use of quality raw material, the monitoring of a completely handmade process but treated with high hygienic-sanitary technology and an exquisite professionalism in the elaboration.
Although our production is not large, we transform about 350,000 liters per year, which allows us a complete dedication to practically every piece, making each cheese a unique and special product.
Our cheeses have a high quality raw material and a completely handmade process. This treated with the highest hygienic-sanitary technology.
For more than 30 years since the cheeses that have made this place famous are produced, four varieties are made: Two of them are soft paste, the Rio Vero of lactic coagulation and Los Meleses of white mold. Two pressed pasta, Sierra Sevil pasteurized milk and San Pelegrín cured raw milk with 6 months maturation. In addition, an exquisite fresh cheese, cheese in oil, cottage cheese and creams are made

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