Sweetened condensed milk and condensed milk Milvalles

  • Exhibitor: PRODUCTOS SALUD
  • Brand name: Milvalles

Sweetened condensed milk and condensed milk Milvalles for the mass consumption channel. 

Single-dose sachets, easy to serve and cans of different sizes and capacities.

We are a leading company in the marketing, packaging and distribution of food products. Our line of business is based on two fundamental pillars:


One; we are in a relevant position in the national market with Prosalud condensed milk, covering the needs for the catering with a wide range of formats available on the market such as: single-dose sachets, easy to serve and cans, of different sizes and capacities. Nowadays we launch our brand-new brand Milvalles for mass consumption channel. At Prosalud, we specialise in personalising the product, thus adapting to the demands and needs of the customer. We create and manage our own brand MDD, private label.   

As a complement to the sale of condensed milk, we distribute courtesy products and traditional pastries, expanding and offering a complete range of products that complement coffee, such as: caramelized cookies, mini muffins with cocoa beans and traditional muffins without lactose or milk proteins and without palm oil, products that provide added value to the establishment.  

The trust of our customers is the most important thing for us, that is why we are very demanding in complying with the strictest production and hygiene standards, which has allowed us to obtain and maintain the IFS Food certificate that accredits our high level of responsibility to the customer.


Two; since 1996 we started our exciting business project with the bottling of olive oil and vinegar to third parties in single dose format. Our high level of specialization has made us co-packers of the leading national brands.   We have a wide range of miniature bottle formats in both PET and glass, single-dose pouches and sachets. In all cases it is the customer himself who determines the sales unit, among other technical and logistical specifications.   As packers to third parties, in Envasados Productos Salud we are in charge of offering a complete packaging service through the filling, capping, labelling, coding and personalising of the final product with your company's corporate identity, leaving the goods ready for transport.

We have the IFS Food certification (International Featured Standard Food) Authorized Bottlers and Packing Plant of the D.O.P. Vinegar de Jerez and Organic Products Packers certificate.


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