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RUCA is synonymous of quality. With more than 70 years in the market, RUCA has always selected its raw materials among the best quality ones, guaranteeing the best spices in the manufacturing of its seasonings. This fact, providing our clients, with the possibility of accessing professional qualities. Therefore, RUCA Products does not usually have more than one quality per product, only the best one! 

To ensure an adequate supply, we directly import selected spices, which we process in our modern facilities, in a factory of more than 7500 m2. Where they are selected, ground and packaged. We control the entire process from the import of the spices to the final product. 

And because in our facilities, we do not manufacture any product containing gluten, dairy/lactose or soy; We can guarantee the absence of cross-contamination. 

There is a format for each consumption: small, medium or large.


Productos Ruca began in 1948 as a small spice shop, which was essentially selling them.

Our tradition and performance in the sector have allowed us to cover more services, which we offer with pleasure to our public and to anyone who requests it. Among these services, we highlight:

SALE of spices, condiments, seasonings, additives, dressings, preparations, casings, auxiliary products related to the sector.

MIXING AND PRODUCTION Service, for those who need this service, does not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you.

IMPORT of products of the sector. In the case of not having a specific product, we are sure to be able to offer you a good offer, taking into account our tradition in the sector and our import licenses.

ADVICE. Productos Ruca strongly believes in collaboration and partnership between companies in the sector to help mutual growth and therefore a mutual benefit. This thought makes us offer some help to anyone who decides to visit us.


For anything, we will be happy to help you at our stand or by any of our contact forms. 


Kind Regards

Ruca's team


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