Our chicken meatballs. Our classic meatballs are ideal for cooking and preparing with sauce to taste. Pieces of about 30 g that can also be used as an appetizer

Since 1997, Precocinados La Perla directs its activity towards the manufacture and commercialization of precooked products for the food sector, within its different branches: HORECA, food channel and distribution.

Maximum quality of the raw materials, innovation in the elaboration, traceability in the process and guarantee of the service. These four premises allow us to offer a careful line of products, for all those who wish to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet based on traditional and artisan cuisine, where the qualities, textures and flavours of always are the main reference.

Our Mission, to offer a quality service to our customers, based on the tradition and craftsmanship of our products.

Our Vision, the continuous innovation in the elaboration of precooked products, adapting the traditional product to the new techniques of production and the tendencies of consumption in the market, as well as to the creation of products to size for our clients.

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