• Exhibitor: POMUP
  • Brand name: POMUP

Uniform in flavour, colour and size, the semi-dried tomatoes fully express the natural aroma and taste of Sicilian red gold, proving to be a savoury, versatile, fresh and healthy food.  

The dehydration process, which is done in oven projected expressly, preserve the tomatoes pulp and dries out the overflow of the water.Thanks to the dehydration process is possible to avoid pasteurization that should change the organoleptic characteristics and the nutritional values. 

Our semi-dry tomatoes are flavoured naturally with garlic and oregano and finished with sunflower oil, that is the best preservative we have in nature.You can use Pomup as an appetizer because is ready to be served or you can use it as a special condiment for savoury dishes, salads or pizzas.


The company Pomup was founded in 1997, when the entrepreneur Claudio Amore, decided to work to a new commercial wager: the production of a product extremely new, the semi-dried tomato.

For ‘Pomup’ the mission is to create a unique product, that stands out from the crowd and to do so chooses carefully the raw material following each phase, from the transplantation to the transformation.

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of the company that, for this reason, continue to innovate the production process following the strictest quality standards, and sometimes is able to anticipate the needs of the most demanding clents.

The attention of the company is not only to the customer but above all to its employees which whom there is an exchange of thoughts and opinions in order to be always more efficient.

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