• Exhibitor: PESCADOS RUBÉN
  • Brand name: RUBÉN 1964
  • New

WHITE TUNA LIMITED EDITION, coming from traditional and sustainable fisheries, with guarantee of freshness and unique flavour. With fresh white tuna, coming from Burela and Celeiro fish markets, we ellaborate our limited edition of selected jarred & canned seafood. Known as “Prince Charming”, the bonito del Norte (Thunnus Alalunga) or white tuna, is the more scarce and most precious among all the tunas. Unlike the fishing by trawls used by other fisheries, the white tuna is caught the traditional way during the season from June to September. Using live bait, one by one, white tuna is caught with fishhook. This achieves the excellence and freshness of the raw material and guarantees the best quality of white tuna, in each captured piece, directly from the sea to the fresh fridges of the vessel.

 At Pescados Rubén, we own a family experience of more than 50 years dealing with high quality fresh and frozen fish and seafood. Since 1964, our products have reached the most demanding markets all over the world, with presence in more than 40 countries and 4 continents. We are proud to have recently launched our new premium brand RUBÉN 1964, devoted to fine seafood meal solutions, such as finest smoked fish and jarred & canned seafood. Fine, healthy & sustainable.

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