• Exhibitor: PESCADOS RUBÉN
  • Brand name: RUBÉN 1964
  • New

Rock octopus, so close to our shores and ever present in our cuisine, is one of the products most widely prized by consumers. This meal is a part of a worship in Galicia and specially appreciated by anyone visiting the regions of the Cantabrian sea. Today, the special taste of octopus enjoys also broadly recognition among foreign palates.          Coming from a well-managed and sustainable certificated fishery, RUBÉN 1964 offers a 100% natural product, cooked and also cooked in its own juice, just ready for its use in cuisine.

 At Pescados Rubén, we own a family experience of more than 50 years dealing with high quality fresh and frozen fish and seafood. Since 1964, our products have reached the most demanding markets all over the world, with presence in more than 40 countries and 4 continents. We are proud to have recently launched our new premium brand RUBÉN 1964, devoted to fine seafood meal solutions, such as finest smoked fish and jarred & canned seafood. Fine, healthy & sustainable.

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