Caballa de Andalucia

These MACKEREL FILLETS are obtained from ingredients and methods specific to south spain Andalusia where fish trade dates back to the 1st century AD at the height of the Roman Empire.
The product benefits from the European "PGI" status of Protected Geographic Indication.

PESASUR is a fish canning company with over 40 years in the market supplying authentic foods to the most demanding retail and catering clients.

Wild, Sustainable, Protected Geographic Indication, Organic.

Our product range covers Mackerel, Tuna, Sardines, Salmon, Bonito, ready to eat tapas and the traditional "sardinas saladas"

Our production processes are artesanal, we still handle our fish manually, without automations or chemicals.

Maintaining a high level of quality allowed us to create the "Consejo regulador de las denominaciones específicas de Caballa y Melva de Andalucía" and obtain European Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) protection for our specialties.

Our constant effort to attend consumers requests and trends have led us to develop a range of products for ORGANIC retailers as well as MSC-branded sustainable products.

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