Morcilla PEÑACRUZ. Premium Black Pudding with almonds.

  • Exhibitor: PEÑA CRUZ
  • Brand name: PEÑACRUZ
  • Sector: MORCILLA
  • Organic
Morcilla PEÑACRUZ is the most well-known traditional Spanish Black Pudding. It is produced according to a 110 years old recipe, under the highest standards of quality. The process of selecting the best raw materials is carried out by top qualified master that bring back the essence of one of the most famous culinary heritage of the world.

Our company is dedicated to the production of homemade sausages  cured meats and  Serrano - Iberico hams, in a natural and artisan way. Over the years our Company has successfully managed to combine cuttin-edge machinery and traditional skills in order to produce highest quality standard products. Following the the recipies from our family, some of the over 100 years old, it makes  our manufacturing process differ little from what our family used to do back in the days. Combining our know-how and our selected raw materials, we create all the products that our customers enjoy every day.

PEÑACRUZ memories made flavour.

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