• Exhibitor: PAZO PONDAL
It is with pleasure that we inform you that we participated in the Iberian Awards with our Pazo Pondal Albariño, vintage 2018, we were awarded 2 Iberian Stars.

Pazo Pondal is a family winery founded in 1998. We are located in Arbo (Pontevedra), one of the best sub-regions for Rías Baixas D.O. Albariño.Our family winery has a history of striving to produce wines that express their terroir, wines that are full of the fruit and floral aromas that characterise the complexity and style of Pazo Pondal wines.

Our estate, located on the north bank of the Río Miño, includes 15 hectares of trellised vineyards where we cultivate our Albariño, the Galician grape par excellence, with great care and dedication.Our forefathers from Germany were unknowingly the architects of our dream. In 1976 our family began the tradition of growing grapes, especially Albariño, devoting a lifetime to viticulture and transmitting passion, respect and good practice to a whole generation of children and grandchildren.

Our mission with these soils is to minimise erosion due to area’s high rainfall and the sloping land, and to achieve mineral balance in the soils and fertility making the plants naturally healthy and avoiding dependency on chemicals/biocides.At Pazo Pondal, we wish to play our part in preserving the environment. We are therefore proactively committed to its protection and sustainability.

Working closely with experts in the field, we started the conversion process in 2015, enhancing and controlling our own organic matter. Organic growing is our pledge to sustainable development.

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