Colomba with Treviso Bollicine 750g

A soft and delicate dough, though with a compact alveolation, is stuffed with a delicious filling thatenvelops the palate with pleasant bubbles, giving it fresh and genuine flavours. The delicious TrevisoBollicine (bubbles) are not just in the filling cream, as the dough itself is a jubilant explosion offlavours that elegantly combine with the icing of crispy white chocolate flakes.

Fraccaro Spumadoro is an artisan and family company, located in Castelfranco Veneto, specialized in Confectionery since 1932:  we made all products with our Sourdough, that gives superior organoleptic qualities such as fragrance, softness, digestibility. The company produces conventional and organic lines:  Christmas Panettone, Pandoro and Easter Colomba, pastry , buns, croissant, tartes.

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