GAMONAL (Prieto Picudo, aged for twelve months in barrels)   The wine is made 100% from the Prieto Picudo grape originating from Pago El Gamonal. Hand harvesting in boxes of 15 kg. Cold maceration for 4 days. Fermentation in 150 hl tapered stainless steel vats at a constant temperature of 26 ºC. Fermentation and maceration with the skins.  Malolactic fermentation in vats. Aged for twelve months in 225-litre French oak (60%) and American oak (40%) barrels, located in an underground winery which is more than 500 years old.   TASTING PROFILE SHEET:   An intense dark cherry red colour, with garnet undertones. An aroma of ripe red fruit blended with toasted notes from the barrel and smooth hues of liquorice which are characteristic of the variety. Potent, fresh, varietal. The bitter notes of the tannins merge perfectly with the fruit, resulting in rich fleshy sensations and an excellent aftertaste.   ALCOHOL CONTENT. 14%   PAIRING. Ideal with any type of grilled meat, red meats, game, cold meat, roast lamb, lamb chops, and hard sheep's cheese. Serve at a temperature between 16 and 18 ºC.

Historic winery of the D.O. León, of a family nature, currently governed by the third generation of the Alonso Family, has the recognition of being one of the driving wineries in the area, with a great commitment to the recovery of the native varieties Prieto Picudo and Albarín Blanco. Elaborate the traditional rosé wines with prieto Picudo needle and maintain a firm commitment to red wines with the same variety with a great potential for aging, having recovered, for the aging of them, the ancient underground caves with more than 500 years of antiquity, where formerly the rosé of ripening were elaborated to convert them into barrels rooms where to elaborate the reds of this particular variety. He has also managed to reach more than 30 countries with his white Albarín Blanco. Minority variety that is only grown in León and Asturias, very exclusive with just 100 hectares of vineyards worldwide.

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