Gluten free picos

In line with today`s food intolerances, at Panadería Obando we wanted to be a part in the creation of a quality product much needed in these times, adapting its Picos and making them compatible for celiac people, while preserving the usual taste and texture.


Free of gluten, lactose, recognised allergens , we achieve the best possible creation by replacing wheat flour with rice flour and cornstarch.


These picos must not lack in hotel establishments that are committed to improve consumer experience every day.

In Panadería Artesana Obando, we have been since 1965, relying on technological progress and innovation for the continuous improvement of the manufacturing processes of our products, which has made us a leading company in the sector. We manufacture and distribute to a wide variety of customers such as bakeries, patisseries, hospitality, catering and food surfaces such as supermarkets and cash, where we offer a range of more than 200 products to more than 25,000 customers in Spain on a daily basis.

All these years of bakery tradition are helping our products to be a national reference and to know international markets where they are increasingly requested and appreciated thanks to their elaborate manufacturing.

From our origins, at Panadería Obando we have been at the forefront of food, specializing in the manufacture and distribution of a wide selection of breads. We have more than 2000 m2 of production plant in which 35 professionals are daily responsible for developing our products with the quality that distinguishes us.

Artesana Obando Bakery is a reality beyond our borders, leading us to make alliances with partners in France, the United Kingdom and Portugal.

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