• Exhibitor: PAGO LOS VIVALES
  • Brand name: PAGO LOS VIVALES
  • Sector: PASTA BLANDA
  • New
Queso elaborado únicamente a partir de la leche cruda de nuestras ovejas, con una maduración de 30 a 90 días.
Queso de pasta lavada y prensada. Corteza lisa, fina y color marfil blanquecino.
Al corte, la textura de la pasta es cremosa y muy fundente, con algún ojo mecánico.
Sabor láctico, suave y limpio y con marcado retrogusto.
Para disfrutar de sus propiedades, consumir a temperatura ambiente.

Baltasar Moralejo e hijos, S.L., a specialist meat sector company for the past 50 years, has decided to bring its experience to the dairy industry, offering cheese of guaranteed top quality. We apply the newest and most advanced resources in terms of feeding techniques, breeding, milking and production, and comply with the most rigorous health, hygiene and environmental requirements. We guarantee product traceability, meaning we have full control over the whole process, from the production of our animal feeds to livestock breeding, the milking process and the manufacture of the final product, our cheese. We are delighted to offer a product that meets all current quality standards, ensuring a cheese with a distinctive, long-lasting flavour that develops in a slow, subtle and pleasant way, encouraging you to go back for more.

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