FIERA (BARONESA DE FILAR) Our wildest premium packaging

  • Exhibitor: PACKCOMPANY
  • Brand name: LA BARONESA DE FILAR


Our wildest premium packaging, with a finish and imitation touch of leopard skin.We must see it, but more must be touched.We not only appeal to the sense of sight, but also to the sense of touch, enveloping the Buyer in a complete experience.

PackCompany, we are the result of the sum of the illusion, passion, experience and effort of each day. We want to be better and we strive to create each project as we feel part of it, collaborating with our clients from minute one.

We provide ideas and solutions for the empowerment of the product, making a case that cares for and protects what is inside without forgetting an optimal presentation. We have fastening systems for the products, with two characteristics: they are “safe” and are aesthetic, avoiding breakage in Any type of sales line.

We use quality materials and finishes, according to the philosophy and ideology of the project. Creating a harmonic and elegant presentation case, focusing the focus on the product, differentiating it into a sea of ??different presentations.

Our "Developments and projects" department is constantly evolving, investigating new forms, materials and processes of application to the graphic.

We care about our planet and for this we have the option of recycled materials one hundred percent, for the realization of the cases.

Personalized and tailored, as "tailors" of packaging, this is how we propose, develop and produce each project.

"If your product is good, present it as such," give it the value it deserves with a case at "height."

We are the result of the sum of the illusion, passion, experience and effort of each day, we are ... CREATORS OF DREAM PACKAGING.

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