PANIZO Monovarietal of Marc Verdejo

Monovarietal of Marc Verdejo The raw material which we make our Verdejo comes from wineries of Rueda, who harvested at night to pick grapes at low temperature. The marc are collected within a maximum of three hours after being pressed to avoid premature fermentation. Silage making occurs in small silos not more than 1500 kg. allowing an anaerobic fermentation of marcs. After no more than 25 days after silage, alcohol content and acidity is analyzed, and distilled in copper kettles by steam at low pressure. Each boiler is used only the best, the centers or hearts of each distillation. So we get a premium Marc preserving all the aromas of Verdejo variety from which it comes.

Orujos Panizo is a family business with a long tradition in the distillation sector of Aguardiente de orujo and in the production of alcoholic beverages derived from it. Our teaching is innovation and the commitment to new products, always of the highest quality. In fact, the company has achieved IFS Certification in facilities, processes and products with the highest level qualification.

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