Swordfish Belly in olive oil

  • Exhibitor: ORPAGU Gourmet
  • Brand name: ORPAGU Gourmet
Our main product made of the juiciest part of the swordfish has an incomparable texture and flavor. Canned in olive oil and presented in a convenient 120g oval format.

The 15th of March of 1996 the Spanish Longliners Organization from A Guarda (Galicia, Spain) was born with the aim of regulating, developping and promoting the fishing activity of longliners, fresh and freezing, and supporting their members interests in order to adopt the necessary meassures to ensure a sustainable fishing and improve the conditions of sales of their members production. In this little town, located at Northern East Spain, lapped with the Athlantic Ocean and with a strong fishing tradition, at the beginning of 90s, a group of go-ahead sailors decided to invest and focuse their future on longline fishing, building or buying fishing vessels to develop this activity and, at the same time, improve their town wealth. 

Nowadays, OR.PA.GU. has the most important fleet of longliners of the world, with more than 60 fishing vessels. Their fishing vessels catch mostly Swordfish, Tuna and similar species. They have fishing units in the Pacific, Indic, Northern and Southern Athlantic Oceans. 

ORPAGU Gourmet was born in 2012 when the swordfish canned and semi-canned products were created. Step by step their products have been improved to better recipies. In addition, they created tuna canned and semi-canned products too and have just launched the swordfish Burger.


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