EVOO with PDO ESTEPA certification / Sustainable Production / Cold extraction / Koscher

  • Exhibitor: OLEOESTEPA, S.C.A.
  • Brand name: OLEOESTEPA Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra
Oleoestepa extra virgin olive oil is the choice for professional chefs for its high versatility. It can be used for frying, in stews, for the preparation of creams and cold soups like gazpacho or used to pickle food.  It has a fruity green olive aroma with slight hints of ripe olives, olive leaves and grass. In the mouth it has a low but and well balanced spice and bitterness. Cold extraction. High quality certified by the PDO Estepa and sustainable production certified by the Integrated Production seal. High content of vitamin E derived from its high quality. * Chosen by the Spanish Association of Consumers and Users as the best extra virgin olive oil in the Spanish market in all its researches (2002, 2007, 2012 and 2018).

Oleoestepa is a cooperative producer of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) farmed and milled within the most demanding and highly regarded Protected Designation of Origin, the PDO Estepa, situated in Andalusia, Spain. Oleoestepa combines the efforts of 5,500 farmers that grow over 7 million olive trees and 17 associated mill to elaborate sustainability the most awarded EVOO in the world. It is the only olive oil producer of its size to be dedicated exclusively to high quality extra virgin olive oil. Each year since its inception in 1986, Oleoestepa has won dozens of quality awards, making it the most awarded producer of extra virgin olive oil in the world.

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