• Exhibitor: OLEOCAMPO
  • Brand name: ESENCIA DEL SUR
The origins of Oleocampo are deeply-rooted in a fascinating and unique history. It forms part of a culture whose origins lie in man’s essential desire to possess the marvellous products that nature has to offer. And precisely for this reason, right from its early days, Oleocampo has been based on an autochthonous culture that constantly surprises us with its unique features and characteristics. The ultimate aim is to extract the very finest oil using the very best fruits of the land, combining the use of state-of-the-art technology with a deep respect for the skills and know-how that have been passed on from generation to generation throughout our history.     The success of our olive oils is due to the fusion of clear blue sky, drying breezes, fertile soil and the wide range of temperatures so typical of the Mediterranean region, a natural environment ideally suited to the development of the olive tree. This propitious combination of factors ensures that the fruit gives up all its natural goodness to produce a sublime olive oil.

 Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooperative with 3 oil mills and bottling plant in the largest production area. 2.600 agriculturist-producers as more than 50 years-old spread expert in olive cultivation, harvesting and manufacturing. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries to worldwide including Asia, Europe, North and South America monthly.

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