• Exhibitor: NEOFUNGI
  • Brand name: NEOFUNGI
  • Sector: SETAS Y HONGOS

Oyster Mushrooms, with there delicate and smooth taste, are rich in water content, complex carbohydrates and fibre.

With a superior texture than the rest of fungi, they are rich in both vitamins B and C.

Available sliced and large size. 

 The Neofungi Group was born form the unión of fresh mushrooms in the province of Albacete and Cuenca; territory commonly known as "La Manchuela", being the main supplier of fresh mushrooms grown in the Spanish market.

 We are a Mushroom producer and distributor co-operative business that was established with the aim to answer the growing demand in the mushrooms and wild mushrooms market in a sustainable way.

Made up by businesses with more than 40 years of experience in the sector, from the beginning, we have always been at the forefront of the market, achieving the highest Standards from quality and safety in the processes, which translates into health guarantees that accredit our Certifications, essential in a demanding market. We are certificates to international level by BRC FOOD, GLOBAL G.A.P. and IFS FOOD. 

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