PROSECCO DOC EXTRA DRY. 100% Glera Grapes. 11%vol.

  • Exhibitor: NAJMA
  • Brand name: NAJMA
  • Sector: PROSECCO

Lively and fine foam, green-flecked pale straw yellow colour, Najma Extra Dry is our most varietal Prosecco, with an aromatic kit that refers to the primary aromas of the grape.The nose is floral and fruity, with strong aromas of pear, apple, peach and white flowers to confirm its typicality.Soft and balanced on the palate, it offers an enveloping and persistent sip that, in the final, develops into a fine acidity, perfectly balancing the sugar impact. 

Serving suggestions:Ideal with charcuterie and appetizers based on fish, eggs, vegetables, salami, but also with fresh or soft cheeses and desserts.

Idyllically set between the lush lagoons of Venice and the alluring Carnic Alps, Vigna Belvedere’s expansive vineyards boast a long-standing family history exceeding 200 years of deeply rooted farming traditions. Their Stone Pine symbol presented on every cherished bottle, the tree grown by ancestors to be used in the development of boats and palaces, marks clear the family’s highest respect for sustaining the surroundings’ rich fertility. At Vigna Belvedere sustainability is key with an eye to preserving the health of the vines, favouring quality over quantity.

The recently planted vineyard covers 11 hectares, with both white and red grapes, and 8 more hectares are planted with Glera vines, selected to produce the Prosecco DOC (Registered Designation of Origin). The wines, Prosecco Vigna Belvedere, Extra Dry, Brut, a Vintage 2018 and a Spumante Rosé,  are produced with the Charmat Method, where the secondary, long and slow fermentation, brought about by added yeasts, takes place in stainless steel tanks, to then be bottled, under controlled pressure.


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