Mychef Bake professional combi ovens for cake shops, bakeries and bread craftsmen

  • Exhibitor: MYCHEF
  • Brand name: Mychef Bake
Mychef Bake is a new professional combi oven for bakery and pastry (600x400 trays) with a simple and intuitive control. This oven is ideal for cake shops, bakeries and bread craftsmen that are looking for homogeneous cooking in high production rates. Mychef Bake ovens are equipped with the patented MultiSteam steam generation system, the DryOut active moisture extraction system and the MyCare self-cleaning system. Their Wi-Fi connection, Cloud system and connection with Google Assistant allow the oven to be controlled remotely. The Mychef Bake range is available in capacities of 6 and 10 trays (600x400).

Manufacturer of furniture and machinery for professional kitchens. 

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