Mychef iSensor 100% automatic and intelligent vacuum packer

  • Exhibitor: MYCHEF
  • Brand name: Mychef iSensor
Mychef iSensor is the only 100% automatic vacuum packer on the market. Thanks to its sensor technology, it offers perfect packaging for all types of food and liquids. In its automatic mode, it is only necessary to introduce the bag with the food and to lower the lid to obtain an excellent packaging. Mychef iSensor also has a manual mode that allows you to keep the vacuum in the chamber for an indefinite time, repeat up to 9 vacuum cycles and memorize up to 10 different vacuum programs, among other features. The Mychef iSensor range is especially recommended for restaurants, hotels and supermarkets. The vacuum packers are equipped as standard with a Bluetooth connection, a free app to control the activity of the vacuum packer remotely and a printer (optional) for printing labels. 

Manufacturer of furniture and machinery for professional kitchens. 

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