Iberian loin of Field Bait and Iberian Loin of Bellota

  • Exhibitor: MONTIBER
  • Brand name: MONTIBER
  • Sector: LOMO

 Superior quality product. It can be made with paprika de la Vera or with natural stew, without paprika. In either case, it is stabilized in artificial dryers and is given a very long rest in the natural winery, where the product matures and brings out flavors and aromas capable of satisfying the most demanding palates.

It comes in whole pieces, chopped or sliced

  Family business with a long history in the Iberian pork meat sector. We control the entire production process from genetics to the final product. We have a production farm of Iberian piglets that are subsequently fattened in the extensive Extremaduran pastures with natural feed and pasture or with acorns.

This year we inaugurated a new plant to process products from Iberian pork (hams, popsicles, loins, sausages and fresh or marinated meats). This new plant is designed to meet the most demanding sanitary regulations in both production and distribution (IFS and BRC regulations).

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