• Exhibitor: MONTEPICATO
  • Brand name: MONTEPICATO
Fresh piece extracted from the pig that is subjected to a salting process and then roasted.

 Embutidos Montepicato was born as a family fabric of cold meat and salted products, and has succeeded in being faithful to the habits  and production methods of  the traditional ways.   What was first born as an artisan fabric of traditional “chorizo” sausage, is nowadays a modern facility that uses sophisticated technology to ensure the quality of its products. All this while still using the same artisan methods that made cold meat products from Galicia famous: a strict selection of raw material and a smoking process which uses natural wood.   The honesty with which the products are presented to the final consumer have made Galician cuisine a synonym of purity. This is one of the aims and motives of Embutidos Montepicato in all its wide range of products: chorizón, salchichón, loin, ham, bacon, belly pork or salted products.   Meat derivatives from pork, an emblematic animal in the popular culture of Galicia, are the basis of our production. Nonetheless, Embutidos Montepicato offers a catalogue of wide range of possibilities and includes ox, suckling pig and other meat derivatives following the same standards and quality requirements as those products it produces.   This excellence and freshness criteria in selecting the raw material is highly appreciated, not only in Galicia, but also in Madrid, Catalunya, the Valencian Community and other different spots in Spain where our products are punctually distributed each week.

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