frozen queen scallope half shell from Chile production suspended system

  • Exhibitor: MONTE FARO SPA
  • Brand name: Vieira del pacifico / Zamburiña Monte Faro
  • Sector: MARISCOS 3ª GAMA
 Frozen queen scallop half Shell from Chile, cultivated in lines in suspended systems, in certified areas to export to the European Union, with the maximum controls in the bay and in the production plant. The product obtained is of a very high quality, with natural gluing of the meat to the shell.

 The company Monte Faro SpA is mainly engaged in the production of scallops in half a shell, through the administration of cultivation areas in Tongoy Bay. The areas where the cultivation systems are installed, as well as the plant, are certified for export to the European Union, through a classification program of the cultivation areas and the PAC for the processing plant.

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