Harina de Trigo con Marca de Garantia

Mezcla de varias harinas tipo incluida una que es molida en un molino de piedra, recuperado para este proyecto, que aporta un claro matiz diferenciador: sabor y aroma similar al de hace décadas, influyendo en la textura del pan y consiguiendo una miga más consistente y sabrosa.

The Guarantee Mark "certifies that the product meets the common requirements" in terms of quality, composition, geographical origin, technical conditions and method of preparation. All this within the procedure established by a Regulation of Use and under the controls of the factories themselves, external laboratories and a Certifying Entity.

The regulation of use was approved by the General Directorate of Agricultural Industries of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Junta de Castilla y León. The Agrarian Technological Institute of Castilla y León, ITACYL, oversees the Guarantee Mark.

The ownership of the Brand corresponds to the Association for the Promotion of Zamorana Flour and the date of preparation of the favorable report of the General Directorate of Industries of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, on May 20, 2002.

The processing and packaging area is located in the province of Zamora, within the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León, and this is also the geographical area where the alternative type flours come from when making the mixtures.

The Guarantee Mark includes several companies in the province of Zamora that mix their flours including one that is stone milled, a timeless technique recovered for this project which provides a clear differentiating nuance: flavor and aroma similar to that of decades ago, influencing the texture of the bread and getting a more consistent and tasty crumb. In addition, it facilitates the work of the baker, since it is a mixture of flours which is what has traditionally been done, eliminating the need for additives and avoiding problems during baking.

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