Andalusian Butifarra

Elaborated with pork jowl and natural spicies. Envolved in natural wrapping.

Ingredients: Bacon, pork jowl, salt, black pepper, clave, aniseed, cinnamon, oregano and egg.

LOS REMEDIOS, a company dedicated to the traditional production of cold meat product. We are located in Serón, a mountain town in the province of Almería. Thanks to the wather and the breeze of our mountains we have been able to obtain a product with a unique flavor. Our company is a third generation family and we have been in the market since 1982.

The elaboration techniques that our grandparents taught us guarantee that the flavor of yesteryear will be maintained with the introduction of new technologies. Taste that allows you to make the difference with other products in the market.

Our commitment is to ensure that this third generation perfectly combines the past with the present, that is, tradition with the vanguard. Cosigning at all times the best seasonings. In sum, our clients can be sure that LOS REMEDIOS products are the result of a thorough work from the beginning of their elaboration until their exposure in the market.



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