Lattiz, the professional smart milk frother for your business

Lattiz, the professional smart milk frother for your business. Serve quality, save time and sell more with perfect milk foam.Lattiz® is a revolutionary milk foaming machine, With one press of a button Lattiz® creates beautiful and tasty froth constant barista quality.

Our mission is clear: to offer the highest quality to the professional hotelier to serve more combined latte and with greater benefits.

Lattiz® guarantees quality, speed and consistency. Emulsified Lattiz® milk offers to expand the range of coffees of any HORECA business.

The popularity of cappuccino and latte macchiato has grown enormously in recent years, leading to a greater demand from consumers of cafeterias, bars and restaurants with design and high quality by the barista. The consistency of milk is essential in the delivery of a good cappuccino and a coffee with milk, and varying the degrees of emulsion in milk can affect your experience.

Lattiz is the solution, just pressing a button, Lattiz® is able to serve a creamy emulsified milk that will allow you to prepare up to 6 cappuccinos per minute. The innovative technology to emulsify milk guarantees that the cream of the milk is constant, soft and velvety for a wide range of types of coffee with milk, so Lattiz® is a revolution to achieve the perfect milk in the hospitality sector .

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