Fresh Goat Cheese Log with Honey

Fresh Goat Cheese Log with Honey made with pasteurized goat's milk, with a melting and creamy texture ideal for use in salads, pastas, pizzas, desserts or spreads. Available in 1x100gr and 2x100gr formats. 90gr and 180gr Medalliins and 1kg Logs.

This product has won the International Cheese & Dairy Awards silver prize in 2018 in Nantwich. [More Info...]


Stone white cheese , with a soft aroma of fresh milk. Very soft in the mouth, light and sweet but not cloying. Slightly sweet aftertaste.

We are a company dedicated to the making of 100% goat dairy products such as Curd, and Cheese since 2002. We are part of the EMMI Group, the leading Swiss dairy group, and a global reference in the industry.

We are in located in Campillo de Arenas, a small village in the surroundings of the Sierra Mágina Natural Park, part of the remote Sierra de Andalucía. Rooted in the mountain ranges of Jaén, Granada and Malaga where our milk comes from exclusively. More than half of Spain's goat’s milk is produced here, serving as a quality benchmark.

We are a company committed to the environment and animal welfare and quality and food security. The quality of our products, both in our curd plant and in our cheese plant, is guaranteed by the quality standards of the BRC for Food Safety, v.s 7 and IFS, v.s 6.

We manufacture Fresh and Matured Goat Cheese Logs, in different formats and flavours. We also manufacture these formats cut into small portions (medallions and cubes) and individually quick frozen (IQF) guaranteeing the same properties and quality from the moment they are made, and thus facilitating their consumption in sectors such as Restaurants. Currently over half of our sales are exported with presence in 24 countries. Recently we have begun to market lactic serum in its different formats.

All our products are made with the best quality goat's milk from our farmers in the Serranía de Ronda and Sierras de Andalucía in Spain. We have more than 90 farmers that add more than 20,000 goats, whose milk we collect daily, and is analyzed and pasteurized or thermized upon arrival. We also have a special selection of farmers and goats that produce organic milk, for organic cheese and organic curd. In our factory, the most modern manufacturing procedures and demanding international quality standards converge, with the traditional methods of making Spanish Cheese. Thus achieving a synergy that allows us to produce a range of dairy products that exceed the highest expectations of taste, texture, and quality.  


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