• Exhibitor: LA PRUDENCIA
  • Brand name: LA PRUDENCIA
  • Sector: LOMO

Hand-made product elaborated with the ileospinal muscle of the Iberian pig (practically free of external fat, aponeurosis and tendons).

Marinated with garlic, paprika and salt and stuffed in natural casings, which has been subjected to a total maturation process of at least 4 months in our cellars, giving rise to unique Iberian pieces to taste for the most select palates.

La Prudencia through the most modern technology and facilities, controls the breed, feeding, breeding and neutering of animals. All of that is supervised by our own technicians.

Animals are slaughtered in our slaughterhouse, where pigs are cut up. Hams, shoulders and sausages are cured in our dryers and natural cellars  located at more than 1.100 meters of altitude, in the mountain range. The climate and geographical conditions of our mountains along with a low salt content of our products are fundamental elements of the process. Severe winters conditions and hot summers along with a slow, long maturation of our hams and sausages involve the magnificent quality of our pieces.

La Prudencia elaborates  Iberian and Serranos hams, shoulder and sausages using the same production processes in both Iberian and Serrano products positioning us as one of the best producers  of an authentic artisan Serrano Ham and one of the best Iberian Hams.

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