Natural Quince Sweet. Without preservatives or colouring agents

  • Exhibitor: LA MEMBRILLERA
  • Brand name: Dulce de Membrillo Natural, La Membrillera
  • New

We put the best quince on your table, with all its properties and nutrients.

Presented in glass containers of 160 gr, through which you can appreciate its natural reddish color. 

It is characterized by its intense fruit flavor




LA MEMBRILLERA, is a company that for more than 60 years has been dedicated to the production, sale and distribution of Quince Paste in Puente Genil, province of Córdoba.

Today it is the Third Family Generation that gives continuity to the quality mark that characterizes our brand. 

It offers a wide range of products related to quince and make them "The Quince Paste par excellence".

The best quince is only possible with top quality ingredients, taking care of every manufacturing process

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