Handmade little powdery cakes produced with roasted almonds and extra virgin olive oil

La Despensa de Palacio is a traditional pastry and chocolate workshop allocated in the South of Spain near Seville. 

The Company presents an exquisite range of artisanal sweets that come in beautiful vintage tins and cardboard boxes designed on oil paint originals.

In this factory there is just room for the finest ingredients, always brought from their places of origin: high-quality queen cinnamon, Bourbon vanilla, famous lemons from Vélez or Largueta almonds from the Alhama mountains. La Despensa de Palacio is the only chocolate factory still existing in Andalusia to produce directly from cocoa beans working with cocoas from Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Madagascar and Papua. Also, with the collaboration of the National Research Council, La Despensa de Palacio is growing the first cocoa plantation in Europe. 

All this great effort that La Despensa de Palacio makes is thinking about you, dear clients and friends, in order to bring you the best of the tastes: the taste of your memories.



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