Desserts in jar to take away

New desserts in jar to take away; flavors: tiramisu and 3 chocolates. There are more flavors of jars in the catalogue 2020.

We make handmade ice cream, pastry and bakery products. Since 1963 we make our own recipes of ice cream and sorbets. We pay close attention to the balance of our recipes by putting more fruit and 20% less sugar. Our pastries are baked "like if they were baked at home" and our experience in bakery has allowed us to carry our own brand "La Mie de Chefs". We always look for the best raw materials to offer a dessert that faithfully reflects the purity and flavor of its ingredients.


Our profession leads us to find solutions for profesional catering in different sectors: restaurants, hotels, catering, ice cream parlors, take-away sales specialists, bakers and confectioners. Our commercial team knows the sector in detail and will be glad to advise you on your dessert offer.

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