Dumplings with Manchego Cheese

Dumplings with Manchego Cheese

A wide range of Tapas for Culinary & Foodservice Professionals

A history of artisan innovation. Frozen appetizers, savory lollipops, finger-food, tapas, homemade preserves, main  courses ready for the final touch and top-quality game meats. At Luxury Tapas for over 35 years, we have been producing a great variety of products that have evolved with the needs and demands of hotel and catering professionals, offering new and exciting gastronomic experiences to clients and diners.

Experiences to make your customers happy. With our varied selection of appetizers, tapas and ready to meals we offer you the possibility of offering your customers excellent dishes in a short time, because we know that the key to success lies in efficiency and quality. Developed by professional chefs, aware of the needs of the sector, who are in constant search of innovation without ever losing sight of the Mediterranean tradition.

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