We specialize in the construction of machinery for packaging, heat sealing and dosing of all types of products. Although this is a newly established company, we have many years of experience in the sector, but always equipping and modernizándonos, why today we offer a new and improved presentation. The machinery we have is top quality, allowing us to successfully meet demand rather large packaging, which is an advantage for your company. Our team consists of specialists in the subject, so we ensure that the objective will be achieved smoothly. We work hard to keep their trust in us and meet your business objectives with the best solution that suits their abilities and at the best affordable price and especially with a high level of commitment and efficiency. Among the services we offer include: - Linear Termoselladora with vacuum and gas. - Termoselladora continuously. - Rotary Termoselladora. - Termoselladora boxes. - Linear Dosing. - Dosing of powdered spices and condiments. - Dosing of precooked. - Used plugged and screwed. - Placement on top. - Labelling. - Checkweigher. - Metal detector. - Estuchado pack. - Embedded. - Used bags. - Smart Kitchen. - Processing.

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