Wild Smoked Belly of Bluefin Tuna from Tarifa.

  • Exhibitor: JC MACKINTOSH
  • Brand name: JC Mackintosh
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The belly is one of the most desired parts of the tuna, juicy and with the most amount of omega3 fat. It is located right behind the head in the lower part of the tuna.

We smoke it in high quality natural and cold smoked with oak, beech and wood from Rioja Alavesa barrels. The combustion process is kept below 30ºC, preven- ting the wood from losing its innate qualities as a result of a high heat treatment.

Flameless smoke. To avoid the generation of phenols and benzopyrenes that give an unpleasant taste as well as being toxic.

The process lasts three days. Firstly, the meat is marinated with unrefined virgin salts and sugars for 24 hours. Then we dry it and start the smoking process. The smoke is renewed every 40 minutes to always have a clean and newly generated smoke. Finally, we leave it to mature for 24 hours giving the smoke time to rest.



JC Mackintosh represents a family fond of fishing, passionate about healthy living and for the respect for our habitat. These three qualities, together with the richness of our land, Tarifa, allow us to develop a sustainable livelihood while bringing the most exquisite bluefin tuna in the world to the most demanding consumers.

Tarifa is nestled in the Strait of Gibraltar, right where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea and where Europe almost touches Africa. A place full of life, where winds are responsible for mixing cultures, arts and stories of ancient civilizations.

Through its waters, large migrations of infinity of marine species pass, among which Red Tuna stands out, which migrates from the confines of the world to the Mediterranean Sea to spawn. For this reason, this area is especially rich in fishing and tradition of this species, so valued by the most renowned chefs and the most exquisite palates.

JC Mackintosh has managed to innovate the art of fishing traveling to Japan to learn the technique of Greenstick, a system that guarantees sustainable and respectful fishing with the species and a capture process that avoids animal stress. Additionally, we apply another Japanese bleeding technique called Ike Jime through which we immediately cool the tuna in order to preserve its intact organoleptic properties.

All this, together with a refined logistics and the most advanced transport systems, allows us to serve it in its most optimal conditions for consumption and for the enjoyment of its flavor anywhere in Europe in less than 48 hours.

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