Machine is suitable to make any kind of dough or sauce wich requires a quick and uniform cooking, also with the possibility of working ambient temperature. Machine designed and manufactured for many uses such as making croquettes, béchamel, sauces in general, pastry cream, dilute chocolate, jams, syrups, nuts, cream cheese, sweet, syrup, almond, dried fruit and nuts...

Technical features:

•  Removable for easy cleaning. • Three overturn positions: continuous rotation same sense, rota­tion with pauses, reversed direction turn • Scorecard composed of: digital plate and button with emergency stop.. Additional accessories (on request): Special cleaning brush with scraper brushes and emptying tap. Tank capacity empty 80 liters (lower real working capacity). Dimensions 1132x821x1173. Weight 232. Power 9,9kw, voltage 380V II /50hz. There is the possibility of incorporating a mobile industrial crusher arm, for those products that require it, such as: creams or pures, pastry creams, sauces, chocolates ...   ..

 INGENIERIA HOSTELERA PANADERA S.L. It is a company dedicated to the manufacture of equipment for the hospitality industry. Since our birth in 2003 we have maintained a policy of constant evolution, we have faced profound changes in the most important areas of the company: design, logistics, manufacturing and administration.

Also this past year we have initiated an INNOVATION process that will allow us to continue to be at the forefront of the companies in our sector and further improve our customer service. Our center has more than 5000m2 between production plant and warehouses, designed to exercise the minimal aggression to the environment, with ample green areas and a manufacturing system that is totally environmentally friendly.

The commitment acquired with society, makes INHOSPAN aware of its social responsibility as an economic and development agent: employment, wealth, dissemination of knowledge and experience, development and innovation projects, are some of the commitments that INHOSPAN has with society .

In the same way a work always oriented to the individual, to the satisfaction of the end user. Trust, seriousness and professionalism in the relationship with suppliers and customers: a high level after-sales service and effective and timely technical assistance

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