584/5000The bacon is not made the same throughout the country. The manufacturers of Soria defend that our bacon and the resulting product of frying it, the torrezno, by tradition and history, are different, are exclusive to Soria, and that is the reason why they are protected by the Guarantee Mark “Torrezno de Soria.

"The "Torrezno de Soria", is one of the jewels of the Soriana gastronomy. It is a piece composed of crunchy and golden crust on one side and tender lean and bacon on the other, which make it an excellent delicacy that conquers the palate of everyone who tries it.

Villar with more than 50 years of experience in the meat sector, has become part of the Costa Food Group meat holding. It focuses its strategy on satisfying the needs of its customers and offering the highest quality and variety of products derived from white and Iberian pork to all families. On-going presentations of products and formats adapted to the new consumption habits: Iberian hams and shoulders with DO “Dehesa de Extremadura”, hams and shoulders in pieces and “semi-boned” pieces and a wide range of slices and healthy and balanced products.

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