For Cecina de León only four sections of the hindquarters of bobine cattle are used ( top side, thick fland, silverside and rump), all graded 1ª Cuts ( Prime Cuts) by the M.A.P.A. The curing process consists of six stages;

SHAPING: Are given the proper shape.

SALTING: Its purpose is to add salt to the muscle mass, whicg allows the pieces to dehydrate and be preserved perfectly, as well al contributing to the development of the typical color and aroma of cured products.

WASHING: Done with drinking wáter, it eliminates salt residues on the Surface.

SETTLING: It helps salt to penetrate uniformly into the piece and aids the biochemical processes to de produce their characteristic aroma and taste.  

SMOKING: Done with oak or holm oak wood.

DRYING OR CURING: Piece are placed in "curing romos" or "cellars" until the  curing process is complete. The entire process will take a mínimum of 7 months for the "Cecina de León" and a mínimum of 12 for the "Cecina de León RESERVA"


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