• Exhibitor: IBERITOS
  • Brand name: IBERITOS
  • Sector: PATÉ DE CARNE
  • New

Product made in an artesanal way with fresh meat. Sterilized product.

Direct consumption without any previous preparation or ready to spread.

Human consumption, apt for everybody. It does not contain GMO. Gluten freeAllergens: milk and milk derivates and soya.

Huerta Dehesa el Alcornocal is a company focused on the production of spread products such as pates and creams. Iberitos is not only a range of meat products but also has a range of vegetable products, another one of dairy products and also a fish range of products. It is important to point that most of the range of Iberitos products is gluten free. In addition, Iberitos has a lactose free range of spread products.

Nowadays, Iberitos not only has a wide range of products but also offers a huge variety of formats and presentations which perfectly adapts to the different customers profile. Thus, we can offer many different products in different formats and presentations being able to work with foodserive, retail and online sector as well.

On the other hand, it is important to point out the shelf life of our products which is 18 and 24 months depending on the product container. Moreover, the preservation is another point to take into consideration since all the products can be storage and transported at room temperature, just the cheese creams have to be storage and transported in fresh and dry place.


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