Our flagship hamburger. 100% authentic meat from heifers raised on the dehesa.

Made with olive oil.

Enjoy all its flavour with an energy value of 130 kilocalories and less than 6% fat.

They come in individual bipacks (retail) or HoReCa format (cases of eight individually vacuum-packed burgers).

Gluten free, lactose free, colouring free,soy free, egg free.

All our Hamburdehesas are distinguished by their allergen-free meat, exquisite flavour, superior quality and extraordinary juiciness. The secret of our hamburgers lies in how the livestock is raised. The meat comes from heifers raised free on the dehesa and fed with their mothers’ milk and 100% natural vegetable animal feed and cereals. This method produces excellent beef from the Retinta and Angus breeds for the most discerning palates. And the classic Iberian pork from free-range Iberian stock that live beneath cork oaks and holm oaks and feed on acorns.

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